Thasmai word synonymous “pure knowledge” which is infinite.

We, Thasmai Team think the knowledge is truly beneficial to mankind, when problem related to them will be solved out from their own life. Money is a major concern among people now a days and main reason for stress. Food, shelter & clothes are primary needs of human beings. Most people can’t even buy a house within their entire service period which results to an unsatisfied society. Youngsters attracting towards extremist group of terrorism & illegal activities are very common now days. A handsome income is the only solution for the problem.

Post a research lasting for more than a decade, we have found a way to transform not only our country but also the entire world. Thasmai it’s not just a solution it’s designed as a preventive measure of universal issues.

It is a revolutionizing system set in the current framework embarking from the economic way of functioning. The new concept will lead India to a next stage of democracy. How can be our country changed? Just like a family controlled and guided by its head, a country can also become flourishing with help of a good leader. As rightly said by “Swami Vivekananda, when east (Spiritual) & West (Technology) merges all problems of mankind can be solved.”

We can compare Thasmai Economy system as a moving train. Economy is compared to engine part & other sectors as bogies. A real political leader can implement the thasmai economy system with the help of science & technology in each sector. The reformed India will be a rainbow of development in all the spectrums.