THASMAI is the birth from a single consciousness. Stemmed as a great read from the enlightened mind of Sreeretnan Nanu. It is now the ultimate priority of those with same wave length with a singular, noble vision of upbringing the universe. It is in the map of the creator, and is predetermined to change the course of the world NOW through THASMAI. 

Thasmai says a country can be transformed in to a highly developed country. Economy is backbone of a country and revolution in a country starts with the same. The other sectors like agriculture, health, education, banking, industry...etc will flourish automatically. A country completely free from Poverty, Unemployment, Price rise, Debt, Corruption, Crime, Terrorism, Maoism assured by implementing this system. The transformation will reflect in all sectors respectively.

As predicted, If a third world war happens it will be for water. Its not strange, in India some villagers brings water from 15 km away. By applying the drought solution even a desert can be transformed in to a green zone within a certain period. Reason for Natural Calamities, like earth quake, flood, and landslide etc…are defined and solution for the same also mentioned. The bunch of revolutionary concepts can change the planet in to stress free, relaxed, peaceful place in future. 

In Thasmai system spiritual & technology goes together. From panchayath to centre our administration system will completely use modern technology & with the help of spirituality our citizens can be molded. Molding of next generation begins from a citizen’s birth itself. A citizen’s account (Money cum social data Bank) will be opened on birth (Linked with DNA) and closed by his/her death. This procedure enables to store a person’s life history from birth to death. Like education, banking, health, residence, job etc are monitored. Details about a stranger or an unidentified dead body becomes easy to access by this technology.

Economic to Political...Social to Environmental...Every functional aspect of the Ecosystem shall be re-invented. Our mission is to reach 195 countries & to up bring the entire mankind.

Post a research lasting for more than a decade, we the THASMAI TEAM have found a way to transform our country as well as other countries in to a self reliable country.  Albert Einstein once said," The hardest thing to understand in the world is INCOME TAX". We are glad to announce that we have successfully cracked the myth of TAX. 

Thi system enables to accumulate our country's wealth (Currency, Gold, and Foreign Currency) at one point. It’s all about connecting our 130 crore population, all establishments, central, state, local bodies of our country under Reserve Bank. A citizen , establishments are permitted to deposit their declared and undeclared funds in currency or in any form within the country or abroad in their account. This system creates a stress free atmosphere for rich as well as poor. Govt. will encourage this as it will increase our country's net balance. So the existing fund will not attract any type of tax and any question of sources of income.

Thasmai system is very simple to implement by an amendment of law and can be done within the existing infrastructure of nationalized and private banks in our country. Today's scenario is that Govt. had to aid 70,000 Cr. to recapitalize our banks. But in Thasmai system banks will aid Govt. for any type of development irrespectively large or small scale. In short our banks will act just like World Bank, IMF, BRICS BANK or ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK. This banking system will lead our nation to the next stage of democracy, as this system will not allow any malpractices. And the best part of this system is there is no need to collect TAX from people to run Government.  An entrepreneur who currently pays 300 Cr. on their profit of 1,000Cr will not have to pay the tax, once the system implemented. As the country is TAX FREE, no question arise of TAX evasion. 

General elections can be conducted through this system, as we have one branch of bank for a ward in a panchayath/ municipality with social data of that particular area. A Citizen's (MONEY CUM SOCIAL DATA BANK ) account generated on birth ( linked with DNA) and closed on his/her death. In short one account/one citizen, one account/one establishment, one account each for central, state, local bodies. 

Any kind of fluctuations of a country will not affect another country.  This system ensures the social equilibrium and a clear market price theory. 


Our mission embarks from our very own India which is the land of many beliefs in all spectrums. We are involved in the current framework to revolutionize it to a place with leaders of world standards. All differences including caste, creed, socio-economic strata, even creation shall be eliminated. The genesis shall create a benchmark by implementation in the challenging environment of our very own India.


THASMAI……...a system where the enlightened mind glows in the light of self-consciousness!  THASMAI…… is the medium of knowledge which gives energy and power to rehabilitate the world!! The world is a single entity for the creator. It needs to be lived and loved as one. All contemporary issues have a permanent solution which has universal acceptance.